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Anupama and the rest arriving at the Kapadia’s where Barkha is waiting for them at the door bubbling with rage.

As soon as Anupama stops the car in the driveway, Barkha in her rage throws over a flower pot, seeing this Pakhi-Adhik shiver with fear.

Meanwhile, at the Shah’s, Kavya is trying to console and calm Vanraj who isn’t willing to listen to her.

Vanraj angrily tells Kavya to leave him alone as he has no intention of forgiving Pakhi, as this isn’t a small blunder but a sin that she has committed.

Kavya tells Vanraj that she understands what he is going through, to which Vanraj sharply retorts saying that Kavya isn’t a mother so she can never understand the hurt and pain that Pakhi has caused him.

Kavya gets disheartened hearing that, but maintains her composure and asks him to get a grip on himself as Anupama will require his assistance with Barkha.

In the meamtime, Barkha tells Pakhi and Adhik that she will never accept this marriage as it is a joke.

Pakhi and Adhik are deeply hurt hearing this and they try to tell Barkha otherwise.

Barkha dismisses them and starts taunting Pakhi saying that finally, Pakhi has achieved what she has wanted all along, which is to get married in a rich household like theirs.


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