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Adhik teaching English to Anupama and Anu.

Pakhi and Anuj watch from a distance and Anuj reassure Pakhi that everything will fall into its place slowly but surely.

The next day Leela and Hasmukh call Anupama to let her know about the auspicious date for the wedding is 4 days from today.

Anupama and Anuj are elated hearing this and say to each other that now they have to work with double the speed.

Leela and Hasmukh also tell Anupama that they wish to see Pakhi get married at the Shah residence.

Anuj and Anupama feel overjoyed hearing this and Anupama tells Leela that she will bring the Barat to their house.

Suddenly, the door bell rings and Anupama sees Samar and Paritosh at the gate who have come to congratulate them.

Anupama is delighted to see Paritosh who hugs her.

Pakhi feels very happy seeing Paritosh and they hug. Anupama then tells Pakhi and Adhik that the wedding will take place 4 days later from the Shah residence.


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