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Nikhil inquire as to whether she doesnot love him, she says the number of would it be advisable for her she say it that she doesnot love him, Nikhil asks on the off chance that this is for what reason she got him hitched to her sister, Pallavi shouts so everybody is cheerful when Nikhil answers he is the individual who anybody can control for their adoration, Pallavi turns guaranteeing she is likewise blissful, Nikhil concurs referencing that everybody would be cheerful, he feels Sonali additionally cherishes him any other way how could she consent to wed him yet what might be said about her, Pallavi shouts he doesnot need to stress over her, Nikhil specifies that he wants to stress for his significant other as she is additionally the sister of Pallavi and he really wants to deal with her if not it could hurt Pallavi, he attempts to draw nearer which disturbs Pallavi when he inquires as to for what reason is she annoyed when there isn’t anything between them, Nikhil specifies he really wants to leave since today is the main night after his marriage, Nikhil leaves.


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