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Banni and Kabir fighting with each other. Banni overtakes Kabir but she can’t punch him recalling her moments with Yuvan. Kabir takes advantage of the situation and tries to strangle her. Tulika comes there and asks Kabir to leave Banni. Kabir leaves Banni. Myra and Charmi support Banni. Kabir asks Tulika why she stopped him. Tulika says it’s wrong to kill someone and asks him to end the issue with Banni in tears.

Kabir asks her to not cry and tells her that he can’t see her tears. He asks her to punish him if she feels he did wrong. Tulika asks him to promise her that he won’t harm Banni in any way. Kabir says I’m promising you that I won’t harm Banni but I have one condition I.e you have to stay in my house. Everyone gets shocked. Kabir says he will break his promise if Banni tries to separate them and that time he will kill Banni for sure. Banni gets shattered. Kabir forwards his hand for Tulika. Tulika holds it and goes with him.

Devraj asks Banni if she is fine. Banni says she needs to go for Basti. Later Tulika reveals to family members that Yuvan is suffering from a split personality. Devraj and Viraj say it’s unbelievable. She says some fear in Yuvan created Kabir and we don’t know what’s it. Kabir calls Tulika. She goes to his room.

The doctor reveals to an unknown woman that Yuvan forgot the past incident but Kabir didn’t. Tulika meets Kabir and asks why he called her. Kabir thanks Tulika for staying at his place. He demands her to come with him for dinner. Tulika agrees. She is about to leave. He asks where is she leaving. She tells him that she is going to get ready. She leaves his room and video calls Banni.

Devraj feels bad for Yuvan’s condition. Viraj supports Devraj and tells him that Yuvan will pass this tough time with our support. Tulika asks Banni to help her as Kabir wants to take her to dinner. She says trust me I don’t have feelings for him. Banni says I trust you and we need to help each other to save Yuvan from Kabir. Banni asks Tulika to help her to save her husband and her family from Kabir. Tulika promises to support her. Banni asks Tulika to go for dinner with Kabir to make him stay at peace. Tulika agrees. Kabir called Tulika.

Tulika disconnects the call. Banni cries badly. Agastya comes there. Banni hugs him and shares with him that it’s difficult to see her love with someone. Agastya cries. Banni says she needs to do it for Yuvan. Agastya asks her to leave Yuvan and requests her to come with him. He confesses to her I love you. He comes out of his imagination with a phone call. Banni goes to him. Agastya says it’s a call from your Dadusa. Banni asks what happened.

Agastya says he is waiting outside. Banni goes out and calls Devraj inside. Devraj denies it and apologises to her. Banni says he needs to bless her. Viraj says to Banni that Tulika informed them about Yuvan’s condition and Yuvan needs to come out before 2 weeks otherwise he becomes Kabir completely and we lost our Yuvan. Devraj says he doesn’t want to lose Yuvan. Banni promises to make Yuvan come out and tells them that she won’t let Kabir win over Yuvan.


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