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Neelam looking at Soniya with confusion.

Malishka also pretends to get surprised while Soniya explains that Lakshmi has eaten food during the fast.

Neelam denies believing as she knows Lakshmi but Soniya urges her to come with her.

When they arrive in Lakshmi’s room, Soniya shows Neelam the empty paneer plate.

Neelam stares at the plate in horror while Malishka announces that she knew Lakshmi only pretends to love Rishi.

Malishka further adds this will bring bad luck to Rishi and Neelam looks furious.

Afterward, Neelam storms out of there in anger while Soniya and Malishka smirk.

After Neelam leaves, Malishka turns to Soniya and thanks her for helping.

Soniya however orders Malishka to save the thanks for later as they should hurry if they want to see Lakshmi getting humiliated.


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