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Ayush telling Malishka that he himself will show Neelam the footage.

Hearing this, Malishka and Soniya try their best to convince Ayush but Ayush ignores them.

After Ayush walks away with the laptop, Malishka and Soniya stare at each other in horror and run toward the hall to check it.

Meanwhile, Virendra and Rishi discuss Balwinder when Ayush arrives with footage.

Finding Ayush with the laptop, Virendra gathers everyone to watch the footage while Malishka looks scared.

Soniya even tells Malishka that this is their last day in the Oberoi mansion as Virendra will throw them out after seeing the footage in a panicked voice.

Rishi then announces that he will make sure the culprit begs Lakshmi’s forgiveness and falls near her feet.

On the other hand, Balwinder sneaks inside the Oberoi mansion using the back door without anyone’s notice.


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