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Today’s Written Update: Bhagya Lakshmi 7th November 2022 Written Update with

Balwinder thinking about Lakshmi in a red saree.

Meanwhile, everyone is staring at the laptop screen with anticipation except Soniya and Malishka.

Later, Ayush collides with Karishma’s friend and her daughter who question him if he wants to marry her daughter.

With an irritated look, Ayush denies it by announcing that he has a girlfriend named Shalu and runs away from there.

However, Rano overhears Ayush’s announcement and gets shocked.

Afterward, Rishi meets Lakshmi in the kitchen and promises to stick by her side always while Lakshmi smiles softly.

Meanwhile, furious Neelam is walking into the hall and announces that from now on Lakshmi will face her anger.

She even adds that she will make sure to teach Lakshmi a lesson.


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