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Atharva holding Cheeni affectionately and believing all her lies.

Atharva thinks that Imlie is the one who is manipulating everyone with her sweet words.

In reality, Cheeni is manipulating him against his own family and Imlie.

Cheeni stands up and tells Atharva she will prove her love to him by marrying him today.

Hearing Cheeni’s words, Atahrav gets shocked as Cheeni herself disappeared from the marriage earlier.

Cheeni orders him to go with her to the temple so they can marry and live happily with each other.

On the other hand, Imlie stops her car on the side when she sees a temple.

She goes inside the temple to pray for Atharva’s well-being and safety.

Imlie requests the Mata Rani idol to help her find Atharva.

In Rathore’s house, Rupi is worried about Cheeni brainwashing Atharva and him breaking his and Imlie’s wedding.

Inside Rudra’s room, Rudra tells Devika that they have found a Kohinoor diamond in form of Imlie.


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