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Imlie looking at Atharva with emotions swirling in her eyes while Atharva is also lost in her eyes.

Meanwhile, Cheeni sees them and gets angry at Atharva for not eating from her hands but Imlie’s hands.

Cheeni goes from there while Athrava and Imlie notice her leaving.

Imlie tells Athrava that maybe Cheeni got upset with him and advises him to go after her.

Atharva wonders how innocent Imlie is and nods his head as he goes after Cheeni.

However, Devika stops Athrava and tells him that he should focus on Imlie as it is Atharva and Imlie’s reception, not Atharva and Cheeni’s.

Later, Atharva finds Cheeni in a corner and apologizes while she acts upset and asks him why he didn’t eat the prasad from her hands.

Although not knowing the answer himself, Atharva lies to Cheeni and tells her that he did it because he didn’t want any degrading rumors to spread about when he loves her truly.

Afterwards, Imlie and Atharva dance as a couple while Cheeni sits with Rudra and watches them with jealousy.


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