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Prachi being visibly shocked to see her and Sid’s names being dragged through the mud.

Sid stands up and demands to know the name of the person who would write such a horrible rumor.

Meanwhile, Ranbir also quakes with anger and tells everyone that he will find out the name of the person who has maligned Prachi and Sid’s names.

Pallavi remarks snarkily saying, she wonders how many more times will Prachi’s antics hurt the reputation of the Kohlis.

Vikram is shocked to hear this and tells Pallavi to not utter a single bad word against Prachi and Sid.

He also tells Pallavi that he is shocked at her mentality to believe anything which is against Prachi.

Pallavi retorts back telling Vikram that since the day Prachi stepped foot in this house, everything has gone awry for the family.

Ranbir asks Pallavi to calm down and tells her that the blame should not be on Prachi or Sid as someone from the family is clearly trying to sabotage Prachi’s reputation.

However, Pallavi responds to Ranbir telling him that the reputation of the Kohlis has been destroyed due to him, Prachi, and Sid.

Pallavi also says that because of them, there is a wide chasm in their family, which is Prachi’s pregnancy.

Meanwhile, Rhea and Alia smile internally seeing their plan come to fruition, when suddenly, Prachi accuses Rhea and Alia of lying about Prachi and Sid’s pregnancy.


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