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Shabbir (main terrorist) threatening Prithvi to stop fawning over Preeta as this would lead to their collective downfall.

Prithvi tells him that he loves her more than anyone in the world, and requests him to not harm her in any way.

Shabbir tells Prithvi to keep himself in check and tells Prithvi angrily to not dictate instructions to him.

He also tells Prithvi that if the plan goes awry due to Prithvi he would confess everything to the police, who will then hang Prithvi.

Meanwhile, Rishab who has spotted an open window tries to find a way to climb in without getting caught to save Preeta and Kavya.

On the other hand, Preeta keeps crying and begging in front of the terrorists to release her daughter.

The terrorists tell her they can’t do that as she is their ace card who will ensure their demands are met.

Arjun, in the meantime, has managed to free himself and starts searching for Kavya.

While searching for Kavya, Arjun reaches a storeroom with the records of all the students.

Arjun sees Kavya’s file on the ground and he picks it up to read and is shocked to see that the date of birth is of 5 months after his departure and so he wonders how is it that Kavya is Rishabh’s daughter.

Arjun further feels astonished at seeing that against the name of the father Karan’s name is written, and he realizes that Kavya is his daughter.


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