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Arjun questions Preeta for what reason is she shouting since they would be gotten yet Preeta answers she simply cares to safeguard her girl, she faults him for being the explanation Kavya is in a difficult situation as he came here so Kavya needed to accompany him, Arjun anyway answers she is the one to fault as she nearly figured out how to kill him and got his own little girl far from him, Preeta reviewing about the episode with the firearm shouts for what reason is he expressing this for a slip-up, she makes reference to he didn’t pass on and when her girl is saved, he won’t ever come before her since then she would certainly kill him. Preeta cautions him to not follow her causing him to swear on his mom, she leaves while Anjali comes to Arjun asking what occurred, yet he follows Preeta.

Inspector Waghmare is with the reviewer who says he believes he ought to have told the psychological oppressor he has shown up, the overseer hands Waghmare the telephone. Prithvi begins giggling when Waghmare shouts his voice is great anyway Prithvi requests to chat with a similar individual, Waghmare specifies he didn’t think they were coming clean, Waghmare makes reference to there are a ton of things to eat however he should not do this to him since it was each of the a joke, Waghmare recommends he should surrender the children while use whatever is left of his life in harmony. Prithvi asks his name when Waghmare guarantees he would tell when they meet in person.

Waghmare inquires as to whether they ought to head inside, he breaks the lock subsequent to terminating at it and heads inside with the police team.


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