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Meet Ahlawat telling Meet Hooda that they always have to give up their relationship for the sake of others.

Meet Hooda assures Meet Ahlawat that everything will be all right soon but Meet Ahlawat feels frustrated about not being able to be together with his love.

After thinking for a bit, Meet Ahlawat decides that he will tell the whole family that he and Meet Hooda still love each other.

Meet Hooda reminds Meet Ahlawat about the promise they did to Neelam but Meet Ahlawat swears not to be separate from Meet Hooda.

As Meet Ahlawat talks about his loneliness and the sinking feeling which makes Meet Hooda feel bad and she agrees.

Meanwhile, Ram tells Babita about Ragini’s changed behavior after Ishani’s arrival but Babita dismisses the thing as a motherly instinct from Ragini’s side.

The next day, Babita asks Neelam to keep the fast of “Mata Ayi” for the better health of her and her baby which she will break after seeing the stars.

Meet Ahlawat leaves for the office while Babita asks him to come home soon as he can because of Neelam’s fast and the puja.

Meet Ahlawat tells Babita that he needs to tell them the truth later as he cannot bear to handle it alone anymore.

Neelam wonders if Meet Ahlawat is about to expose her baby’s secret to everyone.

Later, Meet Hooda comes to Meet Ahlawat’s room to give him a gift on the occasion of the day they met for the first time.

However, unable to find Meet Ahlawat anywhere, Meet Hooda assumes that he forgot about the day and gets sulky.

After going to her room, Meet Hooda finds a beautiful dress with a card in her closet and opens it.

Meet Ahlawat says that he can never forget this day and invites Meet Hooda for a date at night.

While Meet Hooda talks on the phone, Neelam comes and gets angry after reading the card.

Laila comes out and attempts to cut the dress with scissors but leaves as Meet Hooda comes back to her room.

Later, Meet Hooda enters the venue and sees someone’s shadow lurking around while going through the corridors.

After she enters the main setup, Meet Ahlawat walks in sprinkling rose petals on her as a man plays soft violin in the background.

Meet Hooda stares at Meet Ahlawat with tender eyes while Meet Ahlawat pulls her closer to him.

Just then, Meet Hooda again sees the shadow behind the curtains and understands that someone else is present there.

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