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Laila moving, everybody in bar rooting for her. Meet says to Meet Ahlawat this is Laila she never got equity for the wrongdoing her family tossed her out, where you can’t remain briefly, she is remaining here to get by and make sense of how everybody isn’t tolerating her, you know distinction among Laila and Neelu is that Neelu isn’t here everybody is safeguarding her so that she can’t utter a word and will not have the option to tell the name of guilty party, don’t have the foggiest idea the number of additional young ladies that will be his casualty, god has given us a power we get to be aware in the event that somebody is having terrible eye on us, don’t have any idea the number of individuals that have awful eye on her here which helps her to remember her awful time, I don’t need Neelu ought to be let be and don’t have major areas of strength for a. Get Ahlawat get’s together and yells stop it. Music quit playing. Meet Ahlawat reprimands individuals around for there conduct towards a young lady, regard her the manner in which you regard women at your home. Laila get’s dazzled. Meet Ahlawat eliminate his jacket and provide for Laila. A man says we haven’t arrived with the expectation of complimentary we paid, let her take care of her business and undermines him to leave. Meet Ahlawat push him. A man take out his blade, everybody prepares to beat him. Everybody hear police alarm so they take off. Police enter the bar. Endlessly meet Ahlawat run behind Laila.


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