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Today’s Written Update: Mithai 9th May 2022 Written Update with Pramod comes and tries to create differences in Subham’s mind by saying Harimohan asked Mithai privately and he asked you jnfront of everybody if it is Sourya or Sid will he do the same thing. Everyone gathers to talk about the two marriages in the house. Harimohan says we will first make the elder son’s marriage after that we will do his sister’s marriage. Abha raises an objection saying Karishma’s wedding has been planned from the beginning and Rohit also needs to return to US so how can we late Karishma’s Marriage. Gireesh says we will them and say marriage will be delayed. Harimohan thinks and says we will first marry Karishma or we can do both marriages at the same time. Abha says how can we do both marriages at the same time. Geethika says we are there we can do it. Geethika also thinks of calling the Pandit Ji to fix the time for two marriages. Abha thinks to herself no matter what she will not let the two marriages happen at the same time. Pramod says Mr. Agarwal that they will be busy and there will be no time for people to look after the shops. Mr. Agarwal asks why is he interested in destroying Harimohan sweets. Pramod says I am only a son in law in name but my position in the house is equal to a servant. If I help you I will get a large commission. I also need to take care of my family.

Apeksha comes to Sid’s house to talk to him. Sid says he talks about work with Apeksha. Apeksha says there is silence in the house. Sid says Mithai has agreed to the marriage. Apeksha asks Sid how did her no become yes. Mithai comes serving tea and coffee to Sid and Apeksha. Apeksha asks the same question to Mithai. Mithai says where is everybody’s happiness there is also Mithai’s happiness. Mithai says there is a lot of time to become a daughter in law she came here to say thank you to Sid. Apeksha says why is she saying thank you. Sid says yesterday in the engagement ceremony Bhoora tried to kidnap Keerti. Apeksha asks your family is attacked because of her and she is becoming daughter in law to your house.

Pandit Ji sees and fixes the next month 1 st as the marriage date for both the marriages. Harimohan asks Abha to place Lagnapatrika at Gopal Ji. Abha places them near Gopal Ji and thinks she can’t let anyone share her daughter’s happiness. She places Diya wrongly in Mithai’s Lagna Patrika Diya to tell others that it’s inauspicious as Diya blew off. Chandra Kantha goes to offer Bhogh to Gopal Ji. Diya blows off. Abha creates a scene that it’s inauspicious. Harimohan tells it’s wrongly placed and lits Diya again. Mithai understand Abha’s worry. She asks Harimohan to choose another date for her marriage as she wants to dance at Karishma’s wedding. Dadi asks him to consider the signs. Harimohan asks Pandit for another date. Pandit tells them the date after 10 days. Everyone feels happy. Abhishek tells Sid that Shubham’s marriage is after 10 days and Karishma is after one month. Apeksha congratulates him. He asks her to attend the marriage.

Mr. Agarwal brings Pramod to Harimohan sweets storage. Mr. Agarwal’s son bribes the workers and tells his Dad that workers will go on strike. Mr. Agarwal says Harimohan stores will be closed on Mohini Ekadashi which will ruin the reputation of Harimohan sweets which is a bonus for us. Pramod smiles. Sid drops Apeksha. He asks if she has any problem. Apeksha asks what if Dada Ji fixes his marriage like others. He says he won’t. Apeksha says you refused my proposal and I know we are friends but promise me that you will marry me if you want to and I will wait for you. Sid promises her and tells her that his family won’t force him to marry. Apeksha leaves telling him that she trusts her. Mithai asks Indu to eat food to take tablets. Indu asks if she agrees to the marriage with her heart or is it a forced decision. Mithai thinks she can’t reveal about Dadu’s condition and tells her that she agreed heartfully as Harimohan told her that she can fulfill her dreams post marriage room. Mr. Agarwal asks his son to destroy the Harimohan sweets. His son tells he will ruin them with his tricks.

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