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Suman ordering everyone to continue eating again.

With a smirk, Shweta walks away from there.

Later, while Dhara is working on the terrace, Shweta arrives there and announces that she wants Chiku to celebrate Diwali just like the way she used to celebrate it.

She further urges Dhara to use Chiku’s trust fund money for it but Dhara denies it firmly.

Looking straight into Shweta’s eyes, Dhara clarifies that she will never use Chiku’s trust fund for personal benefit.

Rishita arrives there at the same time and takes Dhara’s side while Shweta glares at them.

Rishita also informs Shweta that if they spend Diwali with family it will become special automatically.

Shweta tries to pursue Dhara for it some more but Dhara does it again.

Looking at Dhara and Rishita’s bond, angry Shweta decides to create distance between them.

The next morning, Shweta decides to create a misunderstanding between the whole Pandya family to destroy their Diwali.


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