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Shweta suggesting Dhara use Chiku’s fund money but Dhara denies it.

Shweta however tells Dhara to take a loan from Chiku’s fund money but Krish urges Dhara to wait till they get money from Pandya Store.

Dhara agrees with Krish but Shweta emotionally announces that she knows Dhara does not consider her a part of the family.

Hearing this, Dara agrees to take the loan and orders Shweta to do the booking for Raavi and Shiva.

Later, in the room, Gautam tells Dhara in a sweet voice that he should worship Dhara as she is Lakshmi of this house while putting Garza on her hair.

He even tries to embrace Dhara in a hug but Dhara calls Dev’s name and runs away from there.

In the evening, Dhara orders Shweta to light earthen lamps in the rooms but Shweta mutters under her breath that she wants the rooms to stay in dark but everyone hears it.

Shweta quickly tells everyone that they should light the rooms and everyone turns their focus away.

Suman then orders Raavi to light earthen lamps on the terrace and orders Shiva to help her.

Meanwhile, Shweta enters Raavi’s room and replaces Shiva’s name with Arnav’s name on the fancy shirt with an evil grin while thinking that Shiva does not need an expensive shirt for daily usage.

Raavi arrives in the room just then and Shweta hides quickly and Raavi walks away.

Afterward, on the terrace, Raavi imagines Shiva coming towards her with a loving smile and helping her while a song plays in the background.

However, due to some noise, Raavi comes out of her imagination and stares at Shiva with hopeless eyes.

Later, everyone greets Shweta’s parents and Shweta’s mom exclaims that the rangoli looks amazing and Suman tells her that sometimes her daughter-in-law show goddess Saraswati’s characteristics too.

A courier boy arrives at the same time to give Dhara Goa tickets and Suman questions Dhara why she has not dropped the plan yet.

With reluctance, Dhara goes to take the tickets while she is thinking about how she will give the money in front of everyone.

Shweta then comes forward and gives money to the courier guy but seeing this, Shweta’s parents advise Dhara not to let Shweta deal with money as she is very careless.

Hearing this, Shweta tells her parents that she has used her own money but Jhankana urges Dhara to explain properly.

While Shweta continues to blabber that she is part of the family so they can use Chiku’s money, Krish whispers to Dhara that he knew something like this would happen.

Harikishan however stands up and tells Dhara that he hopes Dhara will use the money for Chiku’s future only but Jhankana informs Dhara that she trusts her.


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