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everyone looking at Dhara with disappointment.

After bidding farewell to her parents, Shweta returns to Pandya’s house and pretends to feel guilty.

She apologizes to Dhara for her parents’ behavior and Dhara forgives Shweta quickly.

Looking at Shweta sternly, Krish tells Dhara to listen to his warnings from now on, and Dhara nods.

Meanwhile, Suman orders everyone to forget about this incident and focus on Diwali for now.

Even Gautam scolds Dhara for not discussing the plan with him first while Dhara just stands there silently.

To cheer up everyone’s mood, Raavi asks Suman’s permission to give everyone their gifts now.

Suman agrees and Raavi runs to her room to bring the gifts happily.

Looking at Raavi’s happy face, Shweta smirks and thinks soon Raavi’s happiness will turn into sadness.


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