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everyone getting ready for the Diwali celebration.

Meanwhile, Gurpreet and Harman arrive in the hall in the evening and Rajeev looks shocked.

Pari arrives there at the same time and hugs Gurpreet tightly while tears roll down her cheeks.

Rajeev tries to touch Gurpreet’s feet but she slaps him hard on his cheek.

She even accuses Rajeev of breaking Pari’s trust and announces that from now on she only curses Rajeev for marrying another girl.

Neeti who overhears their conversation comes forward to inform Gurpreet that it is her in-laws’ house and it is Sanju her husband.

However, Gurpreet throws Pari and Neeti’s wedding pictures at her while yelling he is Rajeev.

Looking at the pictures with disbelief, Neeti questions Rajeev about how can he do this to her best friend.

On one hand, Pari is sobbing; on the other hand, Rajeev announces that he only loves Neeti.


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