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Today’s Written Update: Qurbaan Hua 17th September 2021 Written Update with Chahat Removes Her Hand From The Police Constable, She Inquires Why Are They Arresting Them Because She Was Studying However The Police Constable Doesnot Understand What She Was Trying To Explain, Neel Comes Ordering Her To Stop Saying That She Should Not Talk He Doesnot Understand And Considers That They Might Also Be Indulged In The Same Profession, She Tries Explaining That She Is A Medical Student And They Both Are Husband And Wife, And That They Are The Son And Daughter In Law Of Viyas Jee, He Shows Them His Id Card But They Scold Him Because The Photo On The Card Belongs To Some Other Person, They Think He Is Lying.
Neel Then Calls Viyas Jee Who Is Walking In The Passage Of The House Thinking Why Did Neel Not Answer His Message, Just Then He Gets A Call From The Inspector Who Explains That They Have Raided The Lodge Where A Man Is Saying That He Is His Son So Can He Come To The Hotel, Baleq Also Hears The Conversation, When Viyas Je Leaves He Thinks That They Might Have Gone To Find Out About The Murti.

Neel Blames Chahat As She Brought Him To The Indecent Place, Chahat Exclaims That She Came To Inquire About Chawla, Neel Asks Who Is The Person As Because Of This They Got Into This Mess, The Inspector Scolds Them Saying That They Should Not Consider Talking Because They Have Been Arrested, Chahat And Neel Both Start Fighting In Front Of The Inspector And She Inquires If He Thinks That She Has An Ego, The Inspector Exclaims That He Doesnot Thinks She Has An Ego, He Orders Them Both To Be Handcuffed But Chahat Pleads That They Take It Off As She Needs To Go To The Washroom, The Inspector Says That She Should Take Him With Her Because She Said He Is Her Husband.

Chahat Pulls Neel In The Bathroom And Starts Removing A Pain From Her Saree, He Gets Nervous So Closes His Eyes But She Starts To Remove The Handcuff However Neel Pleads With Her To Stop And In The Attempt They Both Open The Shower, They Get Wet And Then Both Have To Dry Their Clothes, When They Head Outside Chahat Sees Chawla And Tries To Find Out About The Murti But He Is Scared So Says That He Doesnot Want To Get Beaten By Neel.

Chahat Explains That She Was Not Able To Say Anything Before, Viyas Jee And Baleq Come Inquiring What They Are Doing In The Lodge As It Is Not A Suitable Place.

The Inspector Comes Inquiring Viyas Jee Is He Is Really His Son, At Which Viyas Jee Mentions That He Is Indeed His Son, The Reason His Photo Did Not Match Was Because His Face Got Ruined In An Incident, Baleq Signals Chawla To Run Away, When He Tries To Escape Neel Runs After Him And Hits A Wooden Stick So That He Falls.

Neel Inquires If He Did Not Do Anything Then Why Did He Run, He Asks Chahat What Did She Desired To Ask Him, Chahat Exclaims That At The Time Of The Incident She Found A Duplicate Murti Which Was Exactly The Same As The Original Gold Murti Which Is Placed In Their Mandir, She Feels Someone Planned To Switch Them But Seeing Neel They Panicked And Turned On The Melting Machine, Viyas Jee Gets Angry Thinking Who Might Do Such An Act And That Neel Paid The Price For Someone Else’s Crime.

Neel Takes Chawla By The Neck Forcing Him To Reveal The Name Of The Person Who Asked Him To Make The Murti, He Takes The Name Of Bophandar, Baleq Thinks That He Called Chawla To Inform That He Should Take The Name Of Bophandar.

Neel Mentions That He Is Like A Brother To Him So He Cannot Do Anything Of The Sort, Chahat And Even Viyas Jee Are Convinced Bopho Cannot Do Something Like This, Baleq Orders That They Check The Bakery And If They Do Not Find Anything Then It Would Prove His Innocence, Neel Worries That If They Find Dr Baig It Would Ruin His Plan.
The Police Reach The Bakery And Are Thoroughly Checking, Neel Prays That They Should Not Check The Back Room As Otherwise It Would Create A Lot Of Trouble, He Gets Really Tensed, Chahat Notices It She Inquires What Is The Reason But Neel Refuses To Say Anything, When The Police Head Into The Room He Goes After Them But There Is No One There, Neel Thinks That Dr Baig Might Have Run Away.

Bopho Comes To The Bakery, He Inquires What Is Happening, Neel Explains That They Think He Has Ordered Someone To Make A Fake Murti Of The Mandir, Bopho Exclaims Why Would He Do Such A Thing As He Would Get Punished.

The Lady Constable Finds The Bad, Neel Exclaims That He Knows Bopho Can Never Do Anything Of The Sort, The Lady Constable Has Found The Murti Which Shocks Everyone, Viyas Jee Takes The Murti In His Hand, Bopho Tries To Explain To Neel That He Has Not Done Anything Of The Sort, Neel Slaps Him Without Listening To Anything That Bopho Explains, Neel Asks Why Did He Not Ask For Money And Why Did He Steal The Murti, Chahat Mentions That Something Wrong Is Happening Because She Brought The Murti From The Factory And Hid It In The Closet, Baleq Exclaims That He Comes To Their House Really Often, The Police Also Find A Kurta, The Think Someone Else Is Working In The Illegal Business With Him, Neel Wonders If He Might Tell The Truth About The Clothes In Front Of Everyone.

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