Today’s Episode Contains Latest Episode Of Radha Mohan 9th May 2022 Written Update.Radha Mohan 9th May 2022 (09/05/2022) Radha Mohan Complete Episode Written Update With Telly Updates Contains…

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Ongoing Updates: 9th May 2022 (09/05/2022)

Today’s Written Update: Radha Mohan 9th May 2022 Written Update with Gungun’s Mama aka Tulsi’s brother encouraging her to ride in his car. However, Gungun coldly tells him that she does not wish to come with him and tries to leave. Seeing that Gungun is alone,

Tulsi’s brother and his friend decide to kidnap Gungun to get revenge on Mohan and ask him for money. Tulsi’s brother grabs her hand forcefully and demands her to come with him in a harsh tone. However, Gungun bravely tells him that no one can force her to do anything she doesn’t like, not even her father. Further, Gungun bites the hand that was clutching her and runs away from them fearing that they have wrong intentions and are not there to pay her a simple visit.

Precap :Radha Mohan 10th May 2022 Episode Written Update (10 May 2022)

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