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Today’s Written Update: Tujhse Hai Raabta 17th September 2021 Written Update with Shera Pulling Kalyani Closer To Him, Seeing Commissioner There. He Asks Her Not To Move. Commissioner Says How Disgusting And Goes. Kalyani Asks Him To Come Home And Says She Will Teach Him, How To Sign Like Malhar Ji. In Home, Kalyani Teaches Malhar’s Sign To Shera And Asks Him To Practice All Night. Kalyani Teaches Moksh. Shera Imagines Kalyani Teaching Him And Gets Happy. Kalyani Asks Him To Do Some Hardwork And Learn To Practice Signing. She Makes Him Hold The Pen Properly. He Smiles Resting His Hand On Her Shoulder. Kalyani Notices It And Asks Moksh To Teach Him, Says He Wants All The Money For His Work, But He Doesn’t Do The Work Fully. Shera Gets Tommy’s Call. Tommy Tells That His Fake Wife Put Him Behind Bars. Shera Asks Him Not To Say Anything Against Kalyani. Tommy Asks If He Is In Love With Her. Shera Says No And Tells That He Is Just Helping Her. Tommy Says It Seems Fire Is On Both Side, Tells That The Girl Seems To Be Interested In You And Shares His Plan. Shera Says You Are Very Clever And Ends The Call.

Shera Breaks Bathroom’s Bolt And Thinks Of Tommy Telling That If She Loves You, Then Will Hug You. He Thinks His Life Will Be Set And Waits For Kalyani To Go To The Bathroom. Kalyani Goes To The Bathroom And Finds The Bolt Broken. She Calls Moksh And Asks Him To Wait There, Until She Takes Bath. Shera Thinks He Shall Do Something. Shera Brings A Little Puppy And Makes It Go To Moksh. The Puppy Runs. Moksh Sees It And Runs Behind The Puppy. Shera Thinks If It Is Right To Do This And Thinks Kalyani Ji Is Different From Other Girls. He Thinks Tommy Asked Him To Do This, And Thinks He Is Not Less Than A Hero. He Goes Inside The Bathroom. Kalyani Shouts Seeing Him. Shera Shouts Seeing Toy Cockroach. Kalyani Throws It On Him And Goes Out. She Scolds Him. Shera Apologizes To Her And Tells That He Didn’t Know That Bolt Was Opened. She Asks Where Is Moksh? Shera Says I Saw Him Playing With A Puppy. Kalyani Comes Out And Sees Puppy, Asks Where Is My Son? The Puppy Takes Kalyani To The House, Where Moksh Is Tied And Made To Stand Infront Of The Dart.

Some Throws Dart On The Board. Kalyani Gets Shocked. The Darts Injures Kalyani Much, While She Tries To Protect Her Son. She Says Whoever Is Here, Let My Son Go. Shera Finds The Phone Ringing In The Drawer And Thinks Malhar’s Phone Is Ringing. He Picks The Call And Says Good Morning, Malhar Is Speaking. The Guy On The Call Asks If He Saw The Message. Shera Watches The Video In Which Kalyani And Moksh Are Tortured, While The Guy Asks Him To Bring 5 Lakhs To Some Place. Avni Asks The Guy To Throw The Darts On Them And Tells Aao Saheb That She Will Make Sure That Fake Malhar Will Reveal The Truth. Shera Calls Tommy And Asks Him To Manage 5 Lakhs Rs And Bring It To His Cabin. He Goes To The PS. A Guy Brings 5 Lakhs Rs And Says You Have Asked Me To Bring 5 Lakhs Rs And Asks Him To Save His Son. Shera Sends Pawar Who Has Just Come. He Assures The Guy And Asks Him To Go. The Guy Comes To Avni And Says Your Work Is Done, And Shows The Video To Her. She Asks Him To Make This Video Viral And Says It Shall Reach Every Home. The Guy Says Yes. Avni Calls Sarthak And Says The Imposter Has Taken The Bribe, Now Kalyani Will Reveal The Truth To Everyone. Shera Comes To The Place Where Avni’s Guy Asked Him To Bring 5 Lakhs Rs. Shera Gets Darts On His Back To Save Kalyani. He Takes Out The Pierced Darts From Her Hand, Shoulder Etc. Kalyani Cries And Feels Pain.

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