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Nehmat hugging Advait, misunderstanding him for Ekam. Advait is shocked. He removes Nehmat’s hands from his chest and turns around. Nehmat is stunned to see Advait and recalls her argument with him. Nehmat apologizes to Advait. The latter mocks Nehmat. Nehmat says that she isn’t in the mood to argue. Advait says that Nehmat could become a good politician. Nehmat says that she hates politics and walks away.

Advait wonders what Nehmat is doing here and wonders whom she’s searching for. He asks if she has come to meet Ekam and has hugged him, misunderstanding him for Ekam. He calls his dad and says that the goon, Vineet, must have made some mistake as Ekam and Nehmat are still together. Ekam drags Nehmat from there. Advait hangs the call and looks for Nehmat and wonders where she has gone.


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