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Pihu getting happy to see Ruhi taking Rudra away from Preesha.

Pihu promises herself to prevent any future talks from happening between Rudra & Preesha since she wants Preesha to suffer the same way she suffered after Vidyut’s death.

The next day, Preesha wakes up and sits at the breakfast table with Armaan when she sees Rudra & Pihu coming downstairs together.

Preesha decides to look away from them but she can’t help it when Pihu randomly hugs Rudra out of nowhere.

Even Rudra feels confused by Pihu’s sudden hug but decides to embrace her anyways when he sees Preesha look at them in jealously.

Preesha stands up and goes to her room while Arman tugs at her saree pallu, asking her to eat.

She politely tells him to finish his breakfast and asks him not to be scared of anyone, especially the rude uncle (pointing at Rudra) he saw yesterday.

Arman nods while Preesha goes upstairs, feeling tensed and jealous at the same time.

However, she stumbles upon Rudra’s bedroom in which she was living in and sees her photograph being exchanged with Rudra and Pihu’s in the middle of the bedroom wall.


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