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Pihu telling both Digvijay & Sharda that Rudra & Preesha are in the storeroom above.

Meanwhile, Saaransh forgets to open the door at night & goes to sleep.

Inside the storeroom, Rudra holds Preesha in his arms as her whole saree gets wet.

She feels tingles when Rudra’s fingers dig into her skin and he gently asks her to step down on the ground.

Realizing that she is all wet, Rudra asks Preesha to change, otherwise, she will catch pneumonia.

Preesha says she can’t change but Rudra sternly looks at her and says he will turn around but she must change.

Giving her his own coat and removing his shirt since it has gotten wet too, Rudra turns his back on her while Preesha sheepishly changes.

She remembers how the same incident happened when they both met in Rohtak as Rudra did not know about Ruhi back then.

On the other hand, Pihu says she saw Saaransh lock RuSha inside the storeroom and requests Sharda not to scold him.


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