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Aarohi destroying her house while Akshara comes there and tries to comfort her.

However, Aarohi starts shouting at Akshara and argues that she used to cover her own lies with the hope that Abhi will take her back.

Aarohi tells Akshara that she knows what is happening and reveals that she knows about Abhi asking her for a second chance at their relationship.

Aarohi further burns her words into Akshara’s heart and mind by telling her that Abhi has outed her once and will do it again.

However, Akshara shouts at Aarohi to shut her mouth and not give advice on her relationship problems as she knows how to deal with them on her own.

On the other hand, Neil tells Abhi that he should get back together with Akshara and bring her back home.

Meanwhile, Aarohi keeps calling Neil who has blocked her when Manish comes there and talks to her.

Manish tells Aarohi that what she asked for isn’t wrong but the way she tried to manipulate it and get it done is wrong.

Manish tells Aarohi that she should keep the relationship and business separate and leaves with the advice to not hurt anyone’s self-respect.

Later, Abhi and Akshara are sitting by the window of their respective homes when they get a message from their lawyers that states that they have gotten the date for the next day regarding their divorce.

Both of them feel conflicted while their guardians, Manish and Manjari come there to comfort them.

The next morning, Abhi prays to the lord to give him strength while the Goenkas keep asking Akshara what she is thinking.

Manish tells Swarna to let Akshara keep thinking while Aarohi comes there and starts rebuking them.

Aarohi says that the family doesn’t care about her relationship breaking but keeps worrying about mending Akshara’s broken relationship.

Just then, Swarna slaps Aarohi and silences her by saying that Abhi wants to mend his relationship with Akshara while Neil and the whole family got humiliated the previous night because of Aarohi’s actions.

Aarohi leaves angrily while Suhasini tells Akshara that the family is with her for whatever decision she goes with.

Later, Akshara plays the guitar to distract herself from thinking about Abhi but fails as she keeps seeing all of her romantic moments with Abhi.

Akshara imagines arguing with Akshara about him needing to trust her while he gives her the divorce papers and leaves.

Akshara gets lost in her emotions and injures her finger.


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